Hello World (again)

10pm, Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mood: I should be getting ready for bed but I can't seem to tear myself away from this screen.

So I feel like blogging again. I guess I was poking around Tilde.club and thought it was cool that people were doing barebones web stuff. Just ssh'ing into this box and futzing around with no pressure to be fancy pants.

When it comes to making websites for myself, I get caught up in development environments and perfectionism, which is probably why I haven't done any personal blogging since 2010.

But I have been working on the blog software I wanted to use. I've messed with static site generators written in Ruby and Ghost, a blogging platform written in Node.js. I've used CSS preprocessors to "improve" my workflow.

At the end of the day, I jsut ran out of energy to do any sort of meaningful writing. This is my attempt to rectify that.

What you're looking at now is a simple HTML page. I think I spent more time choosing the right font (Soliel, if you're curious) then in setting this page up.

Sure, I could have used something like Tumblr, which is great for certain kinds of blogging, but when you post something to Tumblr, I don't think you really own it anymore. You're kinda just borrowing the slice of the Web that Tumblr owns. We've just been lucky that Tumblr has been cool (so far), but who knows?

I'm going to try to keep it simple, though I should probably figure out an easy way to archive and back-up posts.